Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time Will Tell Tuesday- Three for one Deal.

I am going to have to appologize ahead about the pictures condition. I think it was kept because it was pictures of loved ones. And the family had so few pictures. Many were burned in several fires. So the family appreciated every picture they had.

I have tried to fix the picture. Sometimes distance is better for identification. To me it looks like it was taken the same time another picture I have of a family gathering. I'll see if I can hunt it up.

I think that the picture might contain Irma Martin or her mother on our far right. I think the friendly soul in the middle is Lily Meyer who became Carter. And one might be her roomate Carter.

The girls are at the right age for all the clowning around. High school or more likely college, I suspect.

Note to self: It would be nice to find out where Lily went to college.

So if anyone knows who the girls are actually, it would be great if you could tell me. I don't know where the picture is taken. Why they are on a bench and what is the ongoing story is beyond me.

Picture number two.

Obviously old. The old picture had the siding and edging of the 1950's pictures or 1947 years as you see below in original state.

For that reason I think it was little Joan. I had not realized how much she seems now to resemble her father around the eyes and forehead. And maybe the nose?

Not to happy is she? And she could be the same girl as above at top of page pointing. Unfortunately, any pictures I have found of her, she is dirty messed up. I may have to start calling her a female version of Linus of Peanuts comics. Minus the blanket. I do not recognize the house at all.

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