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Frankly, It's Friday -- Bringing Bustles and Bonnets - The Birth and Death of the Victorian Bustle: an Apologia « Such Eternal Delight

Frankly Friday is the day everyone thanks God for his gift of the day. That which, I am always grateful, for it is my day off which comes after four days or seven day stretch. And in rare occasions, fourteen. I usually have a lot of "hustling and bustling" to do on that day. It could be blogging, housework, letter writing, resting, fanciful something or other, you name it.

With that said I am going to move along to the post of the day's subject. I am going to add a blog roll to the side.

I have found so many useful fashion and photography blogs that
deserve a second and third look.
I found them while searching for
certain fashions for
1870- 1872 costumes on trusty Google. I ran into
so many lovely informative
sites, which right away went into
favorites. Occasionally I ran accross
protected sites that would not allow
me to put them into favorites. So, I
wrote them down on a slip
of paper which will be lost and forgotten a day or
two from now.
It's sad, but true. So now, I figure after I find them I can hop off to my
blogroll, and I can save them there for later exploration.

I do understand why they do that. They have good intentions for
their protection of their material on the blog, but they hurt themselves. Unless
they are so well known, then it does not matter, right. So in order to be able
to browse the site for all the good reading, I am starting a blogroll or reading
list, which will feature fashion which comes to us in all forms. Photography,
jewelry, dolls, history, etc. As you see below untitled and with the working class.

I think too it will help with my
identification of time periods of the photos I have. See here the woman of the late 1870's, where I have incorrectly colored her costume wrong.I don't have bustles on any of my photos. But I do have some bonnets. So I will need to explore those fashions and judge dates according to my photos.

I also have an intention of adding a few
later on military uniform and medals, just because I do have a few people
sporting uniforms and medals.

My first one in the blog roll today is this one which would have been extremely historically useful for me last week.The author comes to us from Rochester, New York.
The Birth and Death of the Victorian Bustle: an Apologia « Such Eternal Delight: "1873 Bustle The elliptical hoop evolved into the first bustle period bustle, which was a very narrow hoop skirt with a concentration of hoops in the back and, in most cases, a rigid support arched bone to make the back extend outward from the wearer. The structure was stabilized by a supporting piece of fabric that rested flat falling from the waistband until the knees. They came in many designs, but were hoop-like for the entire first-bustle or “soft” period. First Bustle Period The new shape had an asymmetrical profile, and the gowns that went on top of the bustles embraced this new found release from cross-sectional symmetry. Skirt designs became elaborate to accentuate the form. Decoration became complex and compartmentalized. Perils of the Natural Form from Punch All good things"

I found this site more helpful than the many other ones that I was
looking at. I needed to know the historic detail for the years 1870-1871 as I
need to know the detail of the declining Bustle. You can see here the untitled picture

There is something special about the fashion of a woman with her umbrella, which shaded her from the sun. Her sunshades that are more attractive than modern days girls shades. [tee hee] I am a sucker for fashion pics and just love the umbrellas. I am sure they had a specific name other than umbrellas.
A Bonus for me was that I found her pictures and illustrations so
lovely to view. Just as I always have with my favorite Victorian Magazines.

I have to admit I shall explore this site and others even further to
find more on the American immigrant woman's costume from Hannover Kingdom going
to Nebraska.

I hope your exploration of the site is enjoyable as I thought it might
be. I did say exploration, not exploitation. [smile] I have found some free
fashion girls with the right word through some encyclopedias. They have pictures
with public domain labeling. I am planning to remember that,
if I can
come up with the right word to make them magically appear there. [smile

Well Frankly, it's Friday, and I have been dawdling here a bit too long, I really must move on to my job ' whatchama call it ' designated for catch up today. Thanks for stopping by. Your comments are welcome, as always. See you later.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

I Just Love This Families Pictures.

They are always so well dressed. The pictures seem like art.. Not just a photo of whatcha ma call ums, cause I'd pick one of these up in a store anytime and adopt them. The photographs always make me look deeper into them. It's So Victorian. Good for that Schlaphof mother. I love her style throughout her many photographs.

Yes, I know who they are. They are whatcha ma call um's children. I actually adjusted this picture quite a bit. See the bottom nearly original photograph.

I am a victorian fan, and that might contribute to my love of this picture. The little girl is so sweet. The little boy standing is so Victorian. He loves the idea of the courageous leader, Napoleon, so much he had to imitate him. Or was it that his hand was dirty. Was he scratching? Was it his idea, the parents, or the photographer? Anyway, irregardless of the truth of the pose, I love this picture for the immagination it invites from me. It's in all that little boy suggests with his pose. It's the sweetness of the girl with her basket of flowers. The boy with his book. Where are his glasses! It all suggest personality like a painting or portrait.

The original before my alteration just for this blog.

If your my loyal family members looking at my pictures, you may not know who these children belong to. You will if your in the Luhmann family and have kept in touch with our Luhmann's of Nebraska. You probably know that the Luhmann's spread to Martin county Minnesota as well. They were there through the Theobald family marriage. Many families descending from our Dorothea Lumann Schlaphoff .

According to Ms. Mertens tree this is three generations. Henry William Schlaphoff [ 1850- 1933 ] visiting Murdock. Carl John Henry Schlaphoff [ 1883- 1971 ]. John William Schlaphoff [ 1909- 2004 ]

I included them here, just in case you happen to have this unidentified picture in your attic or photograph book. More than likely they did not stay in touch with Luhman in Lohrville, Farnhamville, and Webster county, Iowa or Ottertail, Minnesota. Ernest Luhmann family from Bleckede immigrated later than the Schlaphoff family. I am not sure how much they would know about the Schlaphoff family who had moved away from Tellmar [ Dorothea from Eichdorf]. Unless there were some shirt tail contact. Which is often the case for news and gossip. Until much later years of course.

Note : Surnames of this family you will find. Schlaphoff, Ruge, Luetchens, Oelerking, Anderson, Hamlow, Theobald. Others

Sources : Ms. Mertens, at Public Members trees.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time Will Tell Tuesday- Three for one Deal.

I am going to have to appologize ahead about the pictures condition. I think it was kept because it was pictures of loved ones. And the family had so few pictures. Many were burned in several fires. So the family appreciated every picture they had.

I have tried to fix the picture. Sometimes distance is better for identification. To me it looks like it was taken the same time another picture I have of a family gathering. I'll see if I can hunt it up.

I think that the picture might contain Irma Martin or her mother on our far right. I think the friendly soul in the middle is Lily Meyer who became Carter. And one might be her roomate Carter.

The girls are at the right age for all the clowning around. High school or more likely college, I suspect.

Note to self: It would be nice to find out where Lily went to college.

So if anyone knows who the girls are actually, it would be great if you could tell me. I don't know where the picture is taken. Why they are on a bench and what is the ongoing story is beyond me.

Picture number two.

Obviously old. The old picture had the siding and edging of the 1950's pictures or 1947 years as you see below in original state.

For that reason I think it was little Joan. I had not realized how much she seems now to resemble her father around the eyes and forehead. And maybe the nose?

Not to happy is she? And she could be the same girl as above at top of page pointing. Unfortunately, any pictures I have found of her, she is dirty messed up. I may have to start calling her a female version of Linus of Peanuts comics. Minus the blanket. I do not recognize the house at all.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time Will Tell Tuesday - A Two For One Deal

I see you there, so you're back. Can you stay and help me?

Do you see the nice picture below. That is Lyle Meyer at Sunnyslope Farm. I think that is their garage out of cement blocks in the background. The Football player ? I wonder if he was ever written about in the newspaper?

Now again Lyle is in front. I don't know who are on the side of Him.

I don't know who are the two fellows on our right. Do you? Sorry I tried to get it to enlarge with a click, but was a no deal for some reason.

The fisherman from where, at where? Who are they? The picture actually looks better, but the guy on the left was in the dark shadow. So I had to lighten it up a bit.
I wonder if they are from Iowa. I wonder if they could be Mosel?
Those are definately not Long lake or from local Minnesota lake bullheads!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

On Superbowl Sunday Who Will Win?

How can I resist the big one opportunity on such a day. It just has to be today. I have to send out my big one today. I need all these Whatcha ma callums identified. Can you do it? Can you master it?
Are you the champ
Photo Master Player.
We'll see if there are any winners. I know for sure about two possible winners out there with all the answers. Possibly three. But they may not know about this website. So what about the rest of you. Can you get most of them. How many can you identify?

Here is the big one I promised you. It is so simple really. The Meyer clan of Herman and William and their sisters and their descendants. Dwight is holding first born little Herman. Who is maybe somewhere between a year and two years.1948 --1949.

At that time the large Meyer family includes family members of those they married past and present. NAHNSENS, STOLLE, CARTER, DEAN, CAINES or GAINES, GOLLWITZER, LAWSON, JAESCHKE, SEIL, WIELAND, MURRY, CARSTENSEN, GROTE, Griffith. And some I can't recall at the moment. I imagine maybe there are alot in the Nahnsen family who did not marry Meyer. Dwight is second one below. In back of him to the right is Carl Seil. His wife Pauline was a Nahnsen.

Lyle is second person over from left. Behind him is his Father, Herman and to the right slightly behind Lyle is Herman's brother William. To find Herman's other siblings just follow the noses. {tee hee} Lyle's wife Amanda is to the right of the lady in the hat at the center of the picture. It is not yet 1950, so their child is not yet born.
The man on the right in black tone tie is Caines. I think the little girl with
the purse is Caroline Seil. But I could be wrong. In third row behind the man in the front row is an older man, who strongly resembles the Granpa Willy or Jurgen Hch. Wilhlem Meyer. But I believe William was no longer with them at this time. One of the two ladies to the left of him has the last name Jaeschke. Below the woman peeking between Lyle and the gentleman on the left of him is probably Dwight's wife, Sylvia Meyer.

Do you know who they are?
Who was in a habit of hanging around for the family get togethers?

Winning details :
What do you win? I shall send you a photo copy done the best I can!

Best of luck to you on the superbowl game.
May the best player win.

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