Sunday, February 1, 2009

On Superbowl Sunday Who Will Win?

How can I resist the big one opportunity on such a day. It just has to be today. I have to send out my big one today. I need all these Whatcha ma callums identified. Can you do it? Can you master it?
Are you the champ
Photo Master Player.
We'll see if there are any winners. I know for sure about two possible winners out there with all the answers. Possibly three. But they may not know about this website. So what about the rest of you. Can you get most of them. How many can you identify?

Here is the big one I promised you. It is so simple really. The Meyer clan of Herman and William and their sisters and their descendants. Dwight is holding first born little Herman. Who is maybe somewhere between a year and two years.1948 --1949.

At that time the large Meyer family includes family members of those they married past and present. NAHNSENS, STOLLE, CARTER, DEAN, CAINES or GAINES, GOLLWITZER, LAWSON, JAESCHKE, SEIL, WIELAND, MURRY, CARSTENSEN, GROTE, Griffith. And some I can't recall at the moment. I imagine maybe there are alot in the Nahnsen family who did not marry Meyer. Dwight is second one below. In back of him to the right is Carl Seil. His wife Pauline was a Nahnsen.

Lyle is second person over from left. Behind him is his Father, Herman and to the right slightly behind Lyle is Herman's brother William. To find Herman's other siblings just follow the noses. {tee hee} Lyle's wife Amanda is to the right of the lady in the hat at the center of the picture. It is not yet 1950, so their child is not yet born.
The man on the right in black tone tie is Caines. I think the little girl with
the purse is Caroline Seil. But I could be wrong. In third row behind the man in the front row is an older man, who strongly resembles the Granpa Willy or Jurgen Hch. Wilhlem Meyer. But I believe William was no longer with them at this time. One of the two ladies to the left of him has the last name Jaeschke. Below the woman peeking between Lyle and the gentleman on the left of him is probably Dwight's wife, Sylvia Meyer.

Do you know who they are?
Who was in a habit of hanging around for the family get togethers?

Winning details :
What do you win? I shall send you a photo copy done the best I can!

Best of luck to you on the superbowl game.
May the best player win.

just me here hopeful for todays winner

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