Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time Will Tell Tuesday - A Two For One Deal

I see you there, so you're back. Can you stay and help me?

Do you see the nice picture below. That is Lyle Meyer at Sunnyslope Farm. I think that is their garage out of cement blocks in the background. The Football player ? I wonder if he was ever written about in the newspaper?

Now again Lyle is in front. I don't know who are on the side of Him.

I don't know who are the two fellows on our right. Do you? Sorry I tried to get it to enlarge with a click, but was a no deal for some reason.

The fisherman from where, at where? Who are they? The picture actually looks better, but the guy on the left was in the dark shadow. So I had to lighten it up a bit.
I wonder if they are from Iowa. I wonder if they could be Mosel?
Those are definately not Long lake or from local Minnesota lake bullheads!

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