Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Abandoned Old Photographs in the Album

"Ohhh, that's whatcha ma callum!"
Every one has abandoned old photographs in their family album without names. Not only without names, they lack description of places. You know they are in there, because the family cared enough about them. Or the loved one was proud of his picture taking skills. But to you with out a name and a description it is meaningless. They often end up in an attic or worse at thrift shops and lost from its family who can identify them.

Often, if the photography is done well, they get snatched up by me. I browse thrift and antique shops for old photos and old bibles, post cards, music sheets and books. [Yeah you might say, I love paper and especially paper with script.] So I have a few photographs laying around for that reason. I adopted them and like others I don't care who they are. [I do wonder from time to time.] And No I am not going to stop buying unknown photographs!

If I don't properly mark them as non family, my own children will be wondering which family member they were. They would be looking at the photo com
pany and wondering why my pictures came from Timbucktwo, Minnesota.

Writing a description on my pictures is not so easy. You remember, the names were taken to the grave by the one who took the pictures. So now I have to search for the names that belong with the picture. That is the purpose of this blog. I hope to post my pictures and hope the relatives find them

These days I have to remember to document any photo and information given me about each photo. I often think I will remember something. I am so sure of it. But later It escapes me. Years later, if I wait too long, and my alzheimers begins to set in, I might say Ohhh that's Whatcha ma call um ! My children will have no clue.
Who needs frustration with oneself like that!

I know there are many websites with such themes of abandoned photos. This is just me here with just that kind of blog with my families pictures; presented in any way that suits my fancy.

just me