Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Photo Treats With Some More Whatcha ma callum.

.....The Gustav Jaeschke Family..........

The Jaeschke family. Gustav[e] on left and Elisabeth or Lizzie on the far right.

The oldest boy would have been William, then August, and the Youngest boy would have been Herman Jaeschke. [ Though one census mentioned a little Gustav ! ]

The Oldest Girl would have been Louise or Lucy. The youngest was Gertrude.

Annie Seil is standing tall behind them. She was raised as an only child by her grandfather August Wilhlem Seil and his wife Anna Vogel. Lizzie Seil carried her as she immigrated 1892 and gave birth to her in January 1893. Lizzies mother was of the Berhard Korn ancestoral family that emigrated from Hildesheim to villages of Brockhimbergen, Weste, and Gross Thondorf of Himbergen, Kries Uelzen. She married August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil, whose little family records listed his birth to be in Dahlenburg. He and Lizzie's mother worked at Nuedlitz as laborers.

Gustave Jaeschke local vital marriage records says he came from Eckersdorf. His parents were Gottfrief and Charlotte {Weber } Jaeschke.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

William Meyer son of Juergen William Meyer -- Descendants

Wordless Wednesday post: Can you read the captions?

William Meyer's children
Rowe Family photos from the Chance family.

Happy New Year Greetings from Gertrude Jaeschke

.................Gertrude Jaeschke.

I will have to date this yet.

I have A Special Treat For You

I think we are pretty lucky to have this photograph. I know there is oil spots or something in the background. I could try to touch them up at a later date for you, if you wish.
And I would like to show the whole photograph too. I scanned tons of
pictures today and lost half of them. I will retry it soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The family resemblances with Dwight and the ancestors

.......Jaeschke/ Meyer/Jaeschke./Seil...............


Noses are the same in all. Eyes varie in all these Meyer above.

Luhmann above separate in the right box.

Dwight in the Middle
Heins and Meyer on right -->

Dwight above the pan and Lyle to right.

A.W. Seil below. Herman and Annie to right.


Son - Dwight upper left, Mother - Annie Seil, upper right.
Herman H. Meyer [father], lower left, and son - Lyle, lower right.

August William Seil eyes are so shaded and sunk, I have never seen one decent picture of him. One can't see his chin for his grizzly beard. Often the beard style one sees in immigrants. His nose and Annies nose are not same exactly. [Maybe, I should put the picture at the side bar. You can't enlarge it, but it will be a handy reference.]

Musings on family physical traits. Family Resemblances.

-Lyle's eyes seem different than Dwights. I wonder who he got them from.
- I think the eyes of Dwight come from the Heins side of the family.
-The forehead may come from the Luhmann side of the Meyer family.-Lyle and Herman's brother William have similar eye shapes.
-Lyle and Dwight ears are the same.
-Sometimes Dwight's eyes seem almost crossed eyed. He never had glasses until old age. [I say this because sometimes people with glasses, who take them off, often appear crossed eyed looking without their glasses] Myself included.
-One relative Lawrence Nahnsen resembles Dwight in looks out of all the relatives.
-One of Dwight's grandchildren from his youngest son resembles Dwight in the eyes and a bit in the chin.

This is Frederick Meyer. If you know exactly who he is a son of let me know..

I think Dwight had eyes like his. Most definately his chin.

-Dwight carries the chin not always seen in all the Meyer children.

- It is obvious in a photograph I have seen of Frederick Meyer.

- Elisabeth Korn had a strong chin as well. No picture here yet of her.

I will try to add that one soon.

It is difficult to judge at all about August William Seil. He has always had all that hair on his chin. Annie carries Korn, Seil genes and an unknown who lived in germany. Korn family and possibly Seil family go back to Hildesheim region of germany.
All I don't know much about August William Seil's traits which would be those from his father Seil and His mother Brookmannn, or Broockman or Brockmann. Somewhere, he had a grandparent with the family name Schmidt. I guess, I haven't tried hard to hurl over that brick wall of the Seil family history from Uelzen and Dahlenburg area of Lueneburg.

Just me here giving my opinion once again.


The Martin house. 1920.
Is that child Dwight at a year old. Or is it a Martin child.
Speculation: I am aware of Irma and Letha Martin. I am also aware of the mother as being Laura. The father or Laura's husband came from Ohio. There was a Martin Home in Madelia.


I should positively identify these two others with Annie.

I have not identified the location either?

Speculation on my part : Louise is the woman in the background.


Top left picture.~ Is our Herman and Annie Seil and her step - sister. It maybe Gertrude or Louise Jaeschke.

Top right picture. ~ The only person you can see is a blurry Annie Seil Meyer. To see a clear picture, see above.

Bottom picture. ~ These picnicers are the JAESCHKE half brothers and hatted sisters of Annie SEIL pictured here in back. August William Seil on the far right seated. In the back row Herman and Annie are in the center.

JAESCHKES = In birth order = William, August, Herman, Louise,and Gertrude. Not in order in the picture. Though it could be the case on the other side of Dwight, who is in the front and the second one over from right.


The little guy barely peeping above the bowl is our Dwight R. Meyer.
I wonder who took the Picture. Who is missing?

Note- I am going to have to check the dates..I suspect the little girl far left next to Dwight is Gertrude.

I know the family liked to tail gate through various parks, when they went traveling and visiting. That could be the case, or they just might be at Sunnyslope farm.

Where is Lyle. Is he next to Dwight on the right? Look at his eyes, I think he is Lyle.

Seil/Meyer Clan - The Picture Probably was taken in Iowa

Can You Identify Anyone ?
I still have to supply a date the picture was taken. I am going to see when Lilly Meyer was born and add about eighteen, nineteen years to that date.

See the [a]Gent on the far right. I especially would love to know who he is.
As well as the [b]lady on left of him.
The [c]man in the center ............................[b.]..[a ]
.........................................^ .[d]^
[c] Is Herman and his youngest child, Dwight. [I think]
[d] Is Unknown.
The older man by [d] in the back and by his right seen peeking between everyone is August William Seil.
Annie Seil, his grandaughter, and Herman's wife is the lady in front of August Seil. She is obviously turning to observe her husband and child.
Next to [b] lady on her right is a older woman. She is Anna Vogel Seil. August's wife.

Directly behind the dog is Herman's sister, Lillie [CARTER]. On Lillies right is her roomate from college who was to be her future sister- in law. Due to her marriage to Harry Carter.

I think some of the others might be MARTINS and GOLLWITZERS

The young girls in front might be Greens or Vogels.
I am also especially interested in the young man on August Seils right, there in the back.

I did scan this one over again. Enlarging by stretching is not so good. [wink]


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Mondays' Memories

I lived in a small town in central southern rural Minnesota. Most often I prefered to stay home and read. But one day I did go with with my mother shopping maybe when I was eleven or thirteen. We ran into someone, who knew my mother. For it being a small town that was not unusual. While they had a little chit chat, the woman informed my mother that I looked like Annies Seil's side of the family. Apparently she was from His [Fathers] side of the family. Understandably, mom wasn't that thrilled that I took after my fathers family rather than her or hers. I had gathered that idea after we had a little discussion about it later after the woman walked away.

Mom wasn't thrilled with that revelation, so I did question her a little about it a bit. At the time I wasn't going to be thrilled to look like my mother. Annies side, I knew nothing about. Nor did I know what they looked like. Also, I gathered from that conversation, that it might not be a good thing to look like someone from His side of the family! [smile]

Now as a mother I understand the feelings. As my children also look like His side of the family. Just once in awhile you want to know they look like you or some family resemblance.

But I wonder, if mom really knew at anytime, how much I do look like her. I also see her in parts of my brothers face. Now in my older years, with my mother gone from this earth, I gladly welcome my mothers eyes that I see, when I look in the mirror. I never saw it or I never wanted to see that much, when we were both younger. I guess, when I was at that age, I did not appreciate her enough. I think I have her chin. That resemblance will be another day.

I have tried to compare myself and the women on my fathers side, but haven't really seen it yet. But then I never saw them as living people. Perhaps it's the forehead, nose or the cheeks. The shape of the face? Mom didn't say what was resembled. Thank goodness it is not the same square chin that His family had [That which Dwight and Frederick had acquired].

Add two pictures at a later time.

just me here saying my thing

Maybe Time Will Tell Us Tuesday

"Mom, who is that person in this picture? Ohhh, that's whatcha ma callum!
I mentioned in a earlier post that I have photographs in the family album with unknown places and people. The Seil /Meyer family homestead had changed alot as time passed before I took steps there. Mostly due to a fire which took the whole house. Below I have a photo that contains known people, but I could not swear on a document who they are for sure.

Do you know who they are? Can you Identify them?

Female on the left is Annie W. (Seil) Meyer.

The gentleman on the Hammock next to her is her husband Herman H. Meyer. I just am not sure about the older man and the young lad on the far right [facing us]. Unless I know who the young lad is, I can't figure out who the young child could be. Girl or boy.? Herman's brother seems short, so I don't think that gentleman is William.

I am thinking that young lad is Dwight and the other child is a visitor. Or the young lad is Lyle and the little one is Dwight. I have thought too of the young Jaeschky children who stayed in the home.

First I will have to establish a time reference and go from there. Maybe I can do that by comparing a few other photos of Annie and Herman with their children.

They could be neighbors visiting. I think if they were visiting a neighbor or relatives the people in the Hammock would be the owners. Or at someones home, the owners are polite enough to let the Meyer family sit on the Hammock for the pictures.

Who are the what'cha ma callums?
Well, maybe time will tell us.

just me here