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I Just Love This Families Pictures.

They are always so well dressed. The pictures seem like art.. Not just a photo of whatcha ma call ums, cause I'd pick one of these up in a store anytime and adopt them. The photographs always make me look deeper into them. It's So Victorian. Good for that Schlaphof mother. I love her style throughout her many photographs.

Yes, I know who they are. They are whatcha ma call um's children. I actually adjusted this picture quite a bit. See the bottom nearly original photograph.

I am a victorian fan, and that might contribute to my love of this picture. The little girl is so sweet. The little boy standing is so Victorian. He loves the idea of the courageous leader, Napoleon, so much he had to imitate him. Or was it that his hand was dirty. Was he scratching? Was it his idea, the parents, or the photographer? Anyway, irregardless of the truth of the pose, I love this picture for the immagination it invites from me. It's in all that little boy suggests with his pose. It's the sweetness of the girl with her basket of flowers. The boy with his book. Where are his glasses! It all suggest personality like a painting or portrait.

The original before my alteration just for this blog.

If your my loyal family members looking at my pictures, you may not know who these children belong to. You will if your in the Luhmann family and have kept in touch with our Luhmann's of Nebraska. You probably know that the Luhmann's spread to Martin county Minnesota as well. They were there through the Theobald family marriage. Many families descending from our Dorothea Lumann Schlaphoff .

According to Ms. Mertens tree this is three generations. Henry William Schlaphoff [ 1850- 1933 ] visiting Murdock. Carl John Henry Schlaphoff [ 1883- 1971 ]. John William Schlaphoff [ 1909- 2004 ]

I included them here, just in case you happen to have this unidentified picture in your attic or photograph book. More than likely they did not stay in touch with Luhman in Lohrville, Farnhamville, and Webster county, Iowa or Ottertail, Minnesota. Ernest Luhmann family from Bleckede immigrated later than the Schlaphoff family. I am not sure how much they would know about the Schlaphoff family who had moved away from Tellmar [ Dorothea from Eichdorf]. Unless there were some shirt tail contact. Which is often the case for news and gossip. Until much later years of course.

Note : Surnames of this family you will find. Schlaphoff, Ruge, Luetchens, Oelerking, Anderson, Hamlow, Theobald. Others

Sources : Ms. Mertens, at Public Members trees.

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