Monday, April 27, 2009

Souvenir of Trip to a Wedding in Flint Michigan

Sylvia, Dwight Meyer, Jo, Rodney, Bill and Evelyn Peters all loaded up and left in the van for Flint Michigan. We were still Living in Minnesota at that time July fourth weekend 1980. The souvenir of this sketch happened to be purchased on the return trip after the wedding was over.

Sylvia Meyer sister and brother-in- law had taken up the hobby of turning wood [on a woodcutter] in their retirement years. I think it was computerized. She said they had lots of business with it. I thought they were beautyful. The ones in the pictures were for sale. Sorry the picture is not that great.

She said "sure you can have any one of these". I forget how much they were apiece. Naturally, I wanted more than one, so I took a picture of those I wouldn't be bringing home.

I was married barely a year by then. I had so little money to spend, especially since I was expecting a baby soon. We had gone to Flint Michigan for the Wedding of Steve Meyer and Mary Rose of Flint in July 1980 in a borrowed van. I doubt I have much for pictures of the wedding to show at the moment. I wish I did. Bill Peters drove the van most of the time. He and Sylvia had plans on the return trip to stop at their sisters somewhere around Zeeland Michigan.

No one had thought to bring her exact address with them! It is surprising, that neither of them remembered it as much as they wrote their sister. Or didn't [ lol]

It was dark when we began hunting for her place. The 'good buddy cb system' helped us locate the place. Rod had always used this while traveling long distances in the van.

What's her name Peters. Wife of Whatch ma call um. Lets see it was by Zeeland Michigan. There is another city near by that I should know because it is the address they used.

I don't know why I have such a difficult time recalling the names and faces of those dear to my mother. But I do.

For the husbands name we have these names to pick from:

a]. Arnie Nelson

b]. Matthias [sounds like Matthews]

c]. Russel South

Her name is

a]. Arneida
b]. Adeline
c]. Wilma
d]. Edith
e]. Thelma

By process of Elimination, I don't think it was Wilma South Or it was. After a little time and investigation, I should be able to tell you. But don't hold your breath while I am gone.

Sylvia Peters got hers free, cause she was her special sister. I picked mine. I really like them. The little stand is great to put by your chair with a cup of coffee and is easily removed to somewhere else. Then you can place flowers or any art object on it.

The smallness of the little piece makes it easy for your grown children to borrow it for their apartments now and then. I don't mind as long as they remember who's it is. And why it means what it does to me.

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