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Who is the baby with William Meyer?

William John Henry Meyer born 28.sept.1873. This how the family put it in the Meyer book. but not accurate according to church documents.

1- He married his first wife 1900. Dorothea Wilhelmina CARSTENSEN. She died feb. 1948 in Greene county Iowa. Her father was Godber Carstensen and her mother was Dorothea JOCHIMS. However, regardless of place of death mentioned in Meyer book, she did live in Minnesota with William.

2- He married his second wife Adele Mathilda GROTE NAEFKE. She was born 5 mar.1887 in Gutting, Germany. Died 17.aug.1955 at Fairmont Minnesota. No marriage date as of yet.

In the photo it is William Meyer with a baby. One of his own grandchildren, or Herman W. Meyer the second.

What you see here is the south side of the new house. The old house burned around 1946. Sylvia and Dwight were married then. They built the House around then, while Herman Sr. stayed at the Henry Mosel farm next door. Dwight and Sylvia lived in a remodeled chicken coop, which remained on the farm for many years long after they moved into the completed house. Sylvia and Dwight raised many little chicks in that chicken coop [hut].

~ For some reason, I haven't found any pictures of
the house being built. Or I could say that if I did find a home in construction, I was not able to identify the house as this one.

~ Little Herman [ Sonny] was born 1947, maybe
during the process of completion of the new house.

~ In May of 1950, little Sissy was born.

~ In 1954 Steven was born.

~ I know this is William Meyer, Herman's
brother. It seems like his wives are
hardly in the pictures. They lived near St. James, Lewisville, and Fairmont. I
am wondering if there are pictures of Herman and family taken in any of those
places of Williams.

Children of William:

Walter -born 1901 greene county Iowa. Md. 1932 and kived in Jefferson Iowa. He md Charlotte SCHNEIDER. Her parents were Henry Schneider and Catherine SPARRENBERGER.

Mabel -born 1903 Greene county Iowa died 1928 Paton [md 1923 to Roscoe Rowe at Paton Iowa. ] after birth of Dorothy born 1928. They only lived in Iowa. Dorothy O. married 1950 in Scottsbluff Nebraska to CUMMINGS She had been adopted by Gertrude Whatcha ma callum.

Ellnora - born 1906 - 2000 in Dewitt, Clinton[md. 1924 in Iowa to Virtus Jacob J . HASS] His parents were Frederick H. Hass and Dorothea H. LAU. They only lived in Iowa.

~ I would like you to notice the slight family
resemblence of Lyle Meyer and his uncle William.

Whatcha ma callum Borchert in Truman was a builder of the home. I have a replica which became a minature Doll house. I was told by Sylvia that it was made by I think Herman Borchert of Truman, Minnesota. I remember visiting the Herman Borchert home, when I was really little. It was my first view of the wilds of Africa on television. The show Whatcha call it?

All in all, my personal view is that this looks like Sonny

Meyer or little Herman. And he was given the nickname

Sonny by those people who worked on the house.

If I come back with More dates, I may be able to pin point the babies age in regards to birth.

Note: About four years ago I still had the certificates of purchase that went into building the new house. Now, somewhere I have one or two. I should find them in a box one of these days.
Note: The Meyer Book information was submitted by family members about their own families. I took my information from there and online genealogy available information.

Other surnames of Interest would be : Jungck, Chance, Hellberg

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